About GearOne


GearOne is the first and leading free-to-air television channel that delivers premium automotive-related content from around the world to the Middle East and North Africa region. It aired its first broadcast in 2005 from Dubai Media City to MENA via NileSat 101 Frequency 12226 27500H. The channel is reaches 400,000 homes in the UAE through the eVision and Du cables.

As the foremost source of automotive content in the region, the channel covers events, products and issues related to car model launches, motorsports, test drive reports, road safety, car accessories, insurance, auto financing, tuning and custom, off-road action, used-car market, and all other automotive news. GearOne’s programming is geared towards Arab audiences, including international content which is dubbed in Arabic.

The channel is moving towards capturing the English language market in the region, initially by providing English subtitles to Arabic content and vice-versa. In the near future, GearOne will release separate English and Arabic audio feeds to the same content for viewer selection, similar to the feature available with the MBC Max channel.

For advertisers, the channel delivers a viewership that encompasses the Middle East and North African region, from Morocco across to Oman. Its market is predominantly male, with females as a secondary market, between the ages of 14 to 49. They are aspirational, and with high disposable income and good lifestyle.​