About Global Stars

Global Stars is Abu Dhabi’s most experienced art production company providing video (broadcast and film production, linear and non-linear editing, recording, design and visual effects, editing and duplication services. Formed earlier under the Al Massa trademark, the studio now operates under the GBS Group banner as Global Stars Entertainment.

The studio maintains a full range of production and post-production facilities for television, commercials, audio, corporate films, music videos and other production varieties, and houses professional digital edit suites (digital beta/dvc pro) and digital sound recording studios. It is staffed by experienced industry professionals able to provide valuable expertise and experience in any production requirement. The studio also owns considerable library of imagery and video clips on the emirates and other subjects for use or supply to various production requirements.

In film distribution, Global Stars ranks as a leading distributor of Arabic and English movies, providing movie programing for terrestrial, satellite and cable television, channels, hotels and airlines, while operating a wide channel for retail and wholesale distribution of VHS and DVD films across the GCC, namely United Arab Emirates, Oatar, Bahrain and Oman.