About MTG

At MTG we believe in putting the customer at the center of all our thinking to create an environment that fosters long-term success. We believe that a key component of our success lies in our ability to generate repeated and referral business by nurturing and servicing our clients in such a way that we create concrete and long-lasting relationships. All MTG products are based on highly flexible applications that offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to deliver business capabilities that meet the unique requirements of our clients today and into the distant future.

MTG is securing its future and that of its clients by investing heavily in telecom technology in Europe, as well as becoming a major stakeholder with interests in numerous ventures in Gulf, Asia and the Far East.

Why MTG?
We are the first business entity to enter this arena in this region.
We have one of the largest databases
We save you money as we offer competitive prices
We save you effort by sending thousands of SMS at a click of a button instead of calling each customer.
We reduce your marketing budget while maximizing your reach.
We provide you with means to send announcement, of public, private events/sales in a matter of minutes.
We have a round the clock support.
We provide you with an advanced online tool to send SMS from your computer.

Our Products
Premium SMS and IVR Services
Text IV
Interactive TV Services
Mobile Marketing Services
Mobile Content and Application
A single port of call

Our Services
Hosting a Service
Live Web Reporting
Studio Production

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on our successes and our client base proves that. By doing what we do best, we have provided our clients with effective solutions to meet their needs. We are proud to be associated with so many of the leading companies in sectors including, media, broadcasting, banking and finance, travel and leisure services, education government entities and much more. Below are just some of our leading clients: